Form 6: What is Geography? Why is it important? Developing Basic Skills…

Form 6: What is Geography? Why is it important? Developing Basic Skills…

Lesson Objectives(s)

Possible Activities

Lesson Outcomes/HMK opportunities – stretch and challenge

Key Terms and Skill Development.

Lesson 1and2:

Title: What is Geography and Why is it Important?

L.O:To Know what Geography is and why we study it in school

Watch 5min YouTube clip on why Geography matters – students create list of different significant points on their Enquiry Compass Roses

Teacher breaks down different types of Geography and explains key definitions and why Geo. Is important to study.

Students then using a 5W Enquiry sheet use Internet and Google forms to create persuasive advertisement

Plenary: pass the globe Q&A session on lesson and key terms

By the end of this lesson students will know the importance of studying Geography in school and produce a piece of persuasive advertising on why Geography is important for schools using geoschooley/Google Forms

HMK – complete advertisement if don’t finish in class

s and c – can you bring some evidence of geography in the news, highlight it and identify different kinds of geography

Physical Geography
Human Geography
Environmental Geo.
SEEP Impacts/ Enquiry Compass Roses/ 5W Enquiry
Case Studies/Examples

Skill Dev:

Enquiry Independent researching
Google skills

Lesson 3and4:To know how to use PEEL in Geography. Starter: Create a PEEL Burger using pictures – discuss the acronym Andy what it means


Main: Practice PEEL using geographic photographs (Make a Point about the photo, Explain the point, Give Evidnce from the Photo to back it up, Link your point to another area of learning)


s and c – perhaps some students can PEEL their news articles from last homework

Plenary: Share a PEEL with the class

By the end of this lesson students will have learnt what PEEL is and how to use it through picking out evidence from geographical photos and attempting to explain

HMK: Identify a recent geographical event/hazard that has taken place anywhere in the world, do NOT investigate yet!



Geographical Features

Skill Dev:

Using PEEL and annotating


Lessons 5,6and7: To know what a 5W Enquiry is and to conduct my case study investigation. Starter: Teachers explains 5Ws and students conduct card sort.

Main: Students to then research their own 5W case studies on a recent physical geography event/hazard using iPads and filling in research booklets

Plenary: Students to ask at least 3 questions to teacher to help structure 5W Enquiries

By the end of this Enquiry students will have created their own 5W Enquiry case study and will have begun to ask geographical investigative questions to their teacher. Teacher hopes to see different kinds of Geography being drawn upon and the use of PEEL from previous learning


HMK: To complete investigations

s and c: Students to extend themselves could include why their case study is so important; how does it connect to other areas of learning; how might their case study effect different countries in different ways

5W Enquiry




Physical Geography

Skill Dev:


Research Skills


Open/Global Thinking


Lessons 8and9: To know how to use an atlas Starter: handout atlas’ and ask students to find their favourite holiday destination in 5 page turns.

Main: Hand students key atlas development worksheets. Teachers explains how to use index and what lines of longitude and latitude are. Students complete worksheets using atlas’.

Plenary: Create a short 5min rap on how to use atlas


By the end of this lesson students will be able to use an atlas to identify locations, understanding what lines of longitude and latitude mean.

HMK: Students to create their own digital rule book on how to use an atlas

s and c: Practice geography question: Explain how an atlas might be considered an important tool to have in a job (use PEEL to help your response).




Rule book

Skill Dev:

Using an atlas

Team work




Lesson 10: To know what the UN Global Goals are and why they are important in Geography Starter: Youtube introducing the Global Goals

Main: Students to produce Facebook profile page On their iPads of their favourit Goal. Through previous learning they could use PEEL, 5W Enquiry, atlas work to help their profiles

Plenary: Students look at each other’s profiles and work out a way how their Goal is connected to their peers through Geography

By the end of this lesson students will know what the Global Goals are, why they were introduced and what they are trying to achieve and will have produced a full digital profile on them

HMK: Revise all unit content for short assessment piece in lesson students 11and12




Climate Change

Skill Dev:

Global Awarness

ICT skills

Lessons 11and12: Summative assessment of unit Students to conduct 25mark assessment related to knowledge and skill development developed through unit By the end of this lesson students will have produced a summative assessment piece of their learning in the unit. Assessment

Subject Knowledge

Geographical Skills

Skill Dev:

Subject Knowldege



Atlas work

ICT research








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