Characteristics of Earthquakes…

Characteristics of Earthquakes…

Syllabus Point: 

Characteristics of earthquakes (depth of focus, epicentre and wave types)
caused by varying types of plate margin movement and human triggers (dam
building, resource extraction); and associated secondary hazards (tsunami,
landslides, liquefaction, transverse faults)


Task 1: Define the key terms:


Focus/Deep Focus/Shallow Focus

Seismic Waves/(P) Waves/ (S) Waves/ Surface Waves

Plate Boundaries

Human Triggers

Secondary Hazards – tsunamis, landslides, liquefaction, transverse faults

Main Development:

Task 2:

Create a profile on the task sheet link below of the Four Plate Boundaries (Destructive, Constructive, Collision, Conservative) providing the following for each:

  • A diagram with lables
  • A description of the plate tectonic setting
  • Examples from around the work
  • The types of Geophysical Hazards that take place on the boundary

blank plate boundary diagrams

Check the learning….Can you identify the key features of an earthquake on this blank diagram and then answer the key question…

Blank diagram of an erthquake


Task 3: Human Triggers of Earthquake Events…

Many earthquakes occur a long way from any plate
boundary. Some of these are related to human activity, such
as the construction of large dams, mining, fracking and the testing of
nuclear weapons.(IB Geography Course Companion 2nd Edition)

For the following Human Triggers of Earthquake Events your task is to:

  1. Explain how the Human event could possibly trigger earthquakes
  2. Identify and Explain the secondary hazards that could result after the eaarthquke event in the case study you are researching

1) Dam Building – Case Study Dam Building in China causes earthquakes…

2)  Resource extraction – Case Study Oil and Gas extraction in the USA causes earthquakes…


Read pgs.172 and 173 of your course text book of resultant hazards of earthquakes and create 100 word summary of the secondary hazards that can take place…

Image result for ib course geo companion



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