Characteristics of Volcanoes…

Characteristics of Volcanoes…

Syllabus Point: To know the characteristics of volcanoes (shield, composite and cinder) formed by varying types of volcanic eruption; and associated secondary hazards (pyroclastic flows, lahars, landslides)


Task 1: Define the key terms:

Shield volcanoes

Composite volcanoes

Cinder volcanoes

Secondary hazards

Pyroclastic Flows




Main Development:

Task 2:

Create a profile on the tasksheet link below of the Three types of volcanoe important for your syllabus (Composite, Shield and Cinder) providing the followig for each:

  • A diagram with lables
  • A description of the features of the volcanoe
  • Examples from around the world
  • The types of Secondary Hazards that take place at that volcano

Composite, Shield and Cinder Volcanoes tasksheet

A Composite Volcano

Image result for composite volcanoes


A Shield Volcano

Image result for shield volcano DIAGRAM


A Cinder Volcano

Image result for cinder volcano DIAGRAM



Image result for cinder volcano DIAGRAM


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