Globalisation’s impact on the environment…

Globalisation’s impact on the environment…

Title: To investigate the environmental impacts of Globalisation on my local area…

L.O: To create my own research report on the impcats of plastic brands on the coastal town of Porto…

Starter: Task 1: Watch the below clip called “Plastic Ocean”. Make notes on the following:

  1. Where is the plastic problem taking place?
  2. Who’s responsible?
  3. Who’s being impacted upon?
  4. How does it make you feel?

Task 2: Write the following research question into your books…

To what extent are TNC plastics having affect on Foz Do Douro, Porto?

Hypothesis – The closer the proximity to the beach, the more TNC plastic you will see

Report Writing Structure…

Introduction: This section is to help introduce your research. It should include the following:

  • What is your research about?
  • When will you carry out the research?
  • Where will it take place (which sites will you choose and how many)?
  • Who will be involved (the roles)
  • Why are you conducting the research
  • The hypothesis – An hypothesis is you making a proposal about the result of the investigation before you have conducted the investigation.
  • The aim – what you hope to achieve


  • The roles and what they do
  • The list of equipment
  • The step-by-step procedure
  • Map of sites
  • Photographs annotated of method procedures


  • A clear table showing your initial results (this table you will have used to record the primary data)…

Data Presentation & Analysis:

  • Clear, simple data presentation (using graphs or charts) to show your data that is then analyzed using the following method:
  1. Identify key data findings
  2. Describe those findings in more detail (use descriptive words and statistics for the patterns and trends)
  3. Explain the results – give reasoning to the findings
  4. Draw upon any anomalies

Conclusion and Evaluation:

  • This is includes you summarizing the main findings of the research, drawing upon the main statistics and then evaluating the pros and cons of your research, making suggestions for future studies in this area…


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