Political, economic and cultural factors affecting the hosting of international sporting events,

Political, economic and cultural factors affecting the hosting of international sporting events,

Syllabus Point: Political, economic and cultural factors affecting the hosting of international sporting events, including Olympics and football World Cup events

Task: You need to produce a case study of costs and benefits for one country hosting an international event

Starter: Research the controversy around the awarding of the 2022 FIFA world cup to Qatar…

  1. Identify the issues surrounding the controversy…
  2. Explain the pros and cons of awarding the event to Qatar…

Main Development: 

Case Study – The Costs and Benefits of hosting the Olympic Games in 2012 for London…

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The pgs. you require from your course text book are 248 – 250.

Read the case study on London and work your way through the progressive tasks underneath…


Take a photograph of Figure E 20. During and After: London’s 2012 legacy –  with your device, print the image of the map for your work notes.

  1. Annotate the similarities and differences between the two maps
  2. Give somne comments on assessing the legacy of the facilities left after the event (think Social, Economical, Environmental and Political legacies)

Task 2: 

Create a table like the one below identifying the pros and cons for London hosting the event…

Image result for pros and cons table

Task 3:

Answer the following exam style questions to help summarise your case study:

Q. Comment on the costs and benefits of hosting an international event like the Olympics (2+2+2)


Follow up Creative Task – My own Olympic Bid…

In pairs you are to produce an Olymnpic Bid for the future games of 2032. Your pair can pick to be the following countries:

  1. Turkey
  2. Iran
  3. South Africa

The following tasks will help to formulate your bid for the Games. Remember – this will all be working towards understanding what the SEEP impacts of the games can be on a country.


Task 1: Create a country factfile providing the following:

Population size

GDP for 2018

Main resources available

Main industry of country

The religion of the country

Life expectancy

Literacy rate

Level Political stability

Climate conditions

Map with written description of location


Task 2: Create an initial mission statement in your pair of why your country wants the 2032 games. In this task you can:

  • Research previous countries bids and see what their reasons were
  • Are your countries reasons similar to theirs?
  • What would the games do for natural environment? Your political environment? and social environment?

Come up with a statement that you can share with the group


Task 3: Factors affecting whether you can host the Games???

Produce a table below focusing on the political, cultural and economic factors that will affect whether or not you are viable to host the games or not…

Additionally, highlight the factors in a green if they are factors that will help you host the games and a red it its a factor that will go against you hosting the games…

Image result for blank 3 columns table




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