Different types of Population structure…

Different types of Population structure…

Title: Different types of population structure

L.O: To be able to identify and give reasons for and implications of different types of population structure

Key terms/phrases:

Population pyramids



Economic Active Workforce

Old age dependents

Young age dependents

Dependency ratio

Demographic dividend

Key questions: What factors might cause countries to have different population structures?

Lesson starter: Task 1: Watch the below clip and anwer the following questions:

Q. What is a population pyramid?

Q.  How do they help you understand the structure of a countries population structure?



Image result for image different population pyramids

 Population Pyramid Worksheet (activity derived from www.geographyalltheway.com)


Review: Look at the below population pyramids annotate them with appropriate descriptive words about their shape (think about describing the whole pyramid and the key words at the start of the lesson)


Image result for image different population pyramids
Exam Practice:
Q. A country that has an ageing population also has a high dependent population, using a country you have studied, describe the impacts of an ageing population on a country (think of your previous case study!!!)(7marks)


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