What was life like in Britain in 1509 continued…

What was life like in Britain in 1509 continued…

Title: What was life like in Britain in 1509 continued…

L.O: To continue research on what life was like for people in Britain in 1509 using various resources…

Key skills:


Source interpretation


Lesson starter: Task 1: Look at the source A below and try to see if you can identify the following:

  • The tower of London
  • Two dogs fighting
  • Four people holding large pies
  • Two men playing violins
  • A woman breastfeeding a baby

Key question: What can you tell about life in the 1500s from this painting?


Image result for britain 1509 source picture

Source A: A fete at Bermondsey, near London in the 1500s showing townspeople of all classes of society.

Image result for renaissance revolution and reformation


Main Development: Task 2: From your course text book, read Source D on page 11. and answer question 2.


Next, with reference to question 3 on page.11 – divide your page into two columns like the table below. Title one column “Britain in 1509” and the other column “life today”. Make a list of all the ways Britain was different in 1509 to life today. Highlight three that you think are the most important and write a sentence for each explaining why you made your choices (remember to use PEEL for explanation)

Image result for table blank 2 column


Image result for peel


Task 3: Review: Give you opinion about the below statement and try to justify it using evidence from your work in this lesson and the previous one….


“Life for most people in Britain in 1509 was tough, cruel and difficult”. Do you agree or disagree…?



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