Leonardo Da Vinci – the man who wanted to know everything…

Leonardo Da Vinci – the man who wanted to know everything…

Title: Leonardo Da Vinci – the man who wanted to know everything…

L.O: To understand the word Renaissance

To know why Leonardo was known as a “Renaissance Man”

To Explore what triggered the Renaissance

Task 1:Lesson starter: Observe and analyse the following cartoon images and try to create your own definition of what the word renaissance means. Perhaps try to create your own word bank first and then devise your definition…


Image result for the renaissance cartoon image


Image result for leonardo da vinci inventions

Image result for renaissance italy

Task 2: Main Development: Watch the short cartoon  youtube clip below and write down the different things that Leonardo was interested in…

Now turn your notes into a 5w Enquiry


5W Enquiry on Leonardo….

Where did Leonardo come from?

When was he alive?

What were his passions and interests?

Who were his heroes and inspirations?

Why was he known as a Renaissance man?

Task 3: Recipe time…What triggered the Renaissance???

We are now going to conduct some research on what actually triggered the Renaissance. Using pgs. 34 and 35 from your course book; google search engine; peers; teacher, you need to explore the reasons why the Renaissance period took place…Once you have your reasons you are to the create the perfect recipe that would help produce the perfect Renaissance scenario…for example…


Image result for cartoon cooking medieval pot

Take 50g of innovation and creativity

Mix it with half a litre of some a of Leonardo’s observation

Add one tsp of Raphael’s Sistine Chapel…




Task 4: Plenary: Explain why the Renissance period took place…

Write a PEEL paragraph

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