Category: Changing Leisure Patterns

The Categorization of Touristic Activities…

The Categorization of Touristic Activities…


Syllabus Point: The categorization of touristic activities (cost, duration, destination) and sporting activities (cost, popularity, site)

Key Skill Development: 


Linking key concepts

Key Terms: 

Primary Tourist/Recreational Resources

Secondary Tourist/Recreational Resources



Create a table like the one below. Give the headings Niche Tourism and Mass Tourism. From pg.216 in your course books identify the characteristics of both these kinds of tourism in terms of cost, duration and destination


Image result for blank table two columns



Task 2: Look at the list of sports below as see if you can create any categories within the list…You can creat whatever categories you want…

  • Athletics
  • Dancing
  • Outdoor sports
  • Swimming
  • Raquet sports
  • Bowling
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Boxing/Martial Arts
  • Minor team sports
  • Water Sports

Task 3: 

Using pgs. 216 and 217 from your course text book – choose any two of the activities from the two different groups and comment on their likely cost, popularity and site…

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Type of Tourism within the IB Syllabus…

Resultado de imagem para types of tourism IB diagram


Task 4: Make a copy of the above diagram for your notes and attempt the following:

  1. Identify two examples for each sub-tourism of Niche Tourism…
  2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Mass Tourism…

Syllabus Point: Factors affecting personal participation in sports and tourism, including affluence, gender, stage in life-cycle, personality, place of residence…


Task 5: Using your course book from pgs. 220 – 224 and the below resources create a “Super Development Compass Rose” in your work books on the factors that affect personal participation in sports and tourism. Make sure you place some examples into your notes…


Image result for development compass rose

This research tool in Geography will help you to identify and categorize Social, Economical, Environmental and Political reasons and impacts…


Task 6: Have a read of the UK case study on pgs. 223&224 of your course book…And then look at the example infograph below of the level of sport participation by Deaf people in the UK.



Explain how have human development processes given the rise to the concept of leisure and leisure activities? (6marks)


The Changing Purpose of Leisure Time…

The Changing Purpose of Leisure Time…


Title: The Changing Purpose of Leisure Time

Syllabus Points: To know about the growth and changing purpose of leisure time for societies in different geographic and developmental contexts…

And to know to know the link between economic development and participation in leisure activities

Key Skill development:

AO1: Identify

Ao2: Distinguish

A03: Discuss

A04: Construct/Draw

Key Terms:





Development (HIC/MIC/LIC)


Task 1: Look at the photograph below and try to identify why it is not a demonstration  of leisure? Try to give as many reasons as you can…

Image result for football match



Main Development:

Task 2:

Use your course text books to define the key terms from today’s lesson. Discuss the difference between these key concepts to your unit – can you identify different examples of each one?


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Task 3: How developed you are determines your amount and type of leisure…

Case study Example – USA:


Image result for leisure activities how they have changed over time



Image result for leisure activities use of social media over time



Access the below link and read the relevant page from your course book to answer the following questions below:

Image result for IBDP Geography book

  1. Describe how Americans are using there leisure time (3marks)
  2. Compare the way leisure time was spent back in the 1950s and 1960s (5marks)
  3. Evaluate the pros and cons to how leisure time is spent now in the USA

And what the changing nature of leisure time in the BRICS (our MICs)

Remember the acronym for BRICS stands for…

Brazil…Image result for bRAZIL FLAG



Image result for RUSSIA FLAG



Image result for INDIA FLAG



Image result for CHINESE FLAG



South Africa…


These countries are of great importance to our IBDP syllabus as they are countries that have gone through, and still are doing, significant economical, political and social changes that will be of huge significance on our geographical studies now and in the future…


Task 4: Using the Geopodcasts link from  the Geoschooley homepage (link below as well) listen to and make notes about the changing nature of leisure within the BRICS nations. You could maybe perform a mini 5W enquiry to help structure your notes…Create your own table with your notes in