Category: 1.4 Population Density & Distribution:

Lessons 9&10: Population distribution and density…

Lessons 9&10: Population distribution and density…


Title: Population distribution and density…


L.O: To be able to describe the factors influencing the density and distribution of population

Key terms/phrases:

Population distribution

Population density

Densely populated

Sparsely populated

Key questions:

Lesson starter: Task 1: Analyse the map underneath and attempt the task.


Image result for world population distribution
Map showing population distribution and levels of population density around the world. The darker the red the more people in the region.
Q. Describe the world’s population distribution (3marks)
(Tip – Can you OSO this map? Remember OSO stands for describing something:


Image result for obvious specific odd
This technique will help you achieve 3marks…
Main development:
Task 2: Factors that affect population distribution and density…create a table highlighting the human and physical factors that affect population distribution and density

Task 3: Show your understanding of population distribution and population density by completing the worksheet links…

Task 4: Case study revision sheets…

Using your course text books (PGS. 34-37) and google search engine – you are to create two contrasting case studies of high and low population density focusing on Japan and Namibia.

Use the link below as a way of structuring your case studies…


how to structure your population density case studies


Review: Create three exam style questions of your own that could have the information below as some of the answers

Factors Affecting Population Density