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What are Tropical Rainforests and Where do I find them?

What are Tropical Rainforests and Where do I find them?

Title: What are Tropical Rainforests and Where can I find them?

L.O: To know what rainforests are and where I can find them in the world.

Key Skill Development:





Tropical Rainforest




Equatorial Climate



Task 1: Make a list of the following as you watch the video – try and list as many as you can:

  • The different animals you see…

  • The different vegetation you see…

Task 2: Key questions..(use your ipads to research the answers to the following questions and the questions later on in the lesson)

  1. Define the words ecosystem and biome.

  2. What is the Equator? Explain in your own words.

  3. Define what is meant be Equatorial climate?

Image result for map equator

Map showing the Equator line (source:

Task 3: So what are tropical rainforests and where are they found..?

The tropical rainforests are the most abundant and biologically diverse ecosystems on planet earth.  The high amounts of sunlight and rainfall allow huge levels of plant growth via producers such as trees and forest ferns (vegetation), which in turn allow an abundance of consumers (animals and insects). This creates a high level of biodiversity in the ecosystem…

Tropical rainforest are found around the equator belt where there is higher levels of sunlight and rainfall (the Equatorial Climate, which you have already defined)…

Tropical Rainforest Location

Map showing where we find tropical rainforests (source: Google Image Search)

Key Question:

4) Using an atlas, identify 8 countries where you would find tropical rainforest…

5) Describe where we find tropical rainforests – answer in full sentences…

Use the word/phrase bank below to help your response:

  • Equator
  • Between Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
  • South America, Africa, South East Asia (and some of the countries you have already identified)

Task 4: Mini case study example…The Amazon Rainforest!

A Virtual tour of the Tropical Rainforest…

Take the virtual tour of the Tropical Rainforest in the Amazon and download the accompanying task sheet underneath to answer as you take the tour…

tropical rainforest virtual tour task sheet

So…the forest is packed full of plants and it is a genuine competition between plants for light and space.  The rainforest is layered, as plants try to take advantage of what space and light there is.

Task 5: Download the tropical rainforest task sheet underneath the diagram and label the characteristics of each layer and color in appropriately…


Image result for kety diagram why tropical rainforest


Tropical rainforest layers task sheet…


Did You Know…

Image result for FUN FACT CARTOON

“Within four square miles of tropical rainforest, you will find 1500 flowering plant species and 750 types of trees”…


Image result for cartoon school

“The Tropical Rainforest isn’t my concern because it’s miles away from where I live”

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss within the class…