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Henry VIII, his first wife and his big problem…

Henry VIII, his first wife and his big problem…

Title: Henry VIII, his first wife and his big problem…

L.O: To explore how and why Henry VIII fell out with the Pope.

   To examine how this affected the life of Henry and religion in the whole of England.


Starter – Task 1: 

The following are all important dates from Henry’s marriage to his first wife:

1533     1527     1513     1501     1509

Write each date in chronological order, on a separate line. Beside each date, write what happened in that year. Be careful – many thing happen in one of the years!

Main development: Task 2: Why did Henry VIII marry Catherine of Aragon and what happened next?

Using the story board from pgs. 14 and 15 in your course book we are going to create an Historical Infographic on why Henry divorced Catherine and why he fell out with the Pope.

Infographs can be great at providing key information without having to write too many words. Look at the example below…

A good infograph will include images, cartoons, small facts, colour and will be clear and easy to understand.


Image result for infographic henry viii

Task 3: Plenary: Create an 8 line rap song of how Henry VIII changed religion in England and how this changed his life…


Image result for rap cartoon homer simpson

What was young Henry VIII like?

What was young Henry VIII like?

Title: What was Young Henry VIII like?

L.O: To examine how young Henry VIII spent his time and money.

To judge how religious he was as a young man.

Your task is to create a Facebook profile page in your work books about the young Henry VIII using the sources available to you. The sources include:

  • Your course text book (pgs. 12-15)
  • Google search engine
  • Your peers
  • Your teacher
    Image result for facebook logo

    Image result for young henry viii

To help structure your facebook profile page consider the following sub-headings for your page:

  • Henry the athlete
  • Henry the good catholic
  • Henry the big spender

Review and complete for homework: Your judgement – give your opinion to the following question…

“Should the young king Henry have been called Henry the Great”?


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What was life like in Britain in 1509 continued…

What was life like in Britain in 1509 continued…

Title: What was life like in Britain in 1509 continued…

L.O: To continue research on what life was like for people in Britain in 1509 using various resources…

Key skills:


Source interpretation


Lesson starter: Task 1: Look at the source A below and try to see if you can identify the following:

  • The tower of London
  • Two dogs fighting
  • Four people holding large pies
  • Two men playing violins
  • A woman breastfeeding a baby

Key question: What can you tell about life in the 1500s from this painting?


Image result for britain 1509 source picture

Source A: A fete at Bermondsey, near London in the 1500s showing townspeople of all classes of society.

Image result for renaissance revolution and reformation


Main Development: Task 2: From your course text book, read Source D on page 11. and answer question 2.


Next, with reference to question 3 on page.11 – divide your page into two columns like the table below. Title one column “Britain in 1509” and the other column “life today”. Make a list of all the ways Britain was different in 1509 to life today. Highlight three that you think are the most important and write a sentence for each explaining why you made your choices (remember to use PEEL for explanation)

Image result for table blank 2 column


Image result for peel


Task 3: Review: Give you opinion about the below statement and try to justify it using evidence from your work in this lesson and the previous one….


“Life for most people in Britain in 1509 was tough, cruel and difficult”. Do you agree or disagree…?



What was Britain Like in 1509?

What was Britain Like in 1509?

Title: What was Britain Like in 1509

L.O: Examine what Britain was like in 1509

Summarise England’s relationship with its neighbouring countries

Contrast Britain in 1509 with Britain today


Image result for renaissance revolution and reformation
course text book

Lesson starter: Handout printed copy of pgs 6and7 for students to stick into books. key questions to answer as part of starter:

Q. Which century were each of the following events in?

  • The glorious revolution
  • The Great Fire of London
  • First performance of a Shakespear play
  • Death of Henry VIII
  • James I unites Scotland with England

Q. Now put the five events above in the correct chronological order on a timeline (in order in which they happened, from first to last)


Main Development:

Task 2: Examine what Britain was like in 1509: Watch the below clip and make bullet points on what life was like for people in the 1500s

Task 3: Role play – selected students read out the different personalities from page 8 of the text book to gain an insight into what life was like in 1509. Questions to follow after the role play exercise. The personalities include:

  • Henry VIII
  • A baron
  • Catherine of AragonImage result for drama
  • An Irish Chief
  • A Welshman
  • A student
  • A politician
  • A villager
  • A priest
  • A Scotsman

Key questions for you to answer:

Q. What was life like for most of the population?

Q. What is the relationship like between England and Scotland?

Q. What is life like for politicians and students?

Q. How is religion viewed in Britain in 1509?

Q. Who are the baron’s and how do they view the King?

Q. How much of control does England have over Wales and Ireland?


Task 4: Now have a read of pg. 9 from your course text book and answer questions 1 and 2. You must use sources A and B to help you with your responses…



Image result for cartoon textbook

Task 5: Plenary – How does your life compare to someones life in Britain in 1509?

Create a table with two columns, one titled “life in Britain in the 1500s” and one titles “my life in 2019”. List 5 key points from what you have learnt today about life in the 1500s in Britain and list 5key points about your own life – how do they compare?