GeoSchooley Author

GeoSchooley Author

Author and creator of, Mark Hooley is an IBDP Coordinator and Geography teacher with over a decade of experience and is a recognised Chartered Geographer (Cgeog) with the RGS. Mark has taught a variety of Geography curriculums both in the UK and internationally including the IGCSE, IB and A Level programmes. Mark is a fully certified COBIS peer accreditor and certified Google Educational Apps trainer. He prides himself on being a skills based teacher adopting an inquiry approach to his teaching and he likes nothing more than to see geographers being curious, creative and passionate about Geography.

Mark is available for tutoring sessions for Geography KS3, IGCSE, IB and A Level curriculums…to book a session contact him at or use the homepage booking link. 








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  1. Mark’s passion for geography is very evident to his students. They leave his lessons with an understanding that this subject is a key global perspective and with a desire to be involved.

  2. A very fresh website that has some new features for Geography learning. Well done Geoschooley – look forward to see how it progresses,continue the great work

  3. Mark Hooley was my Geography teacher for IGCSE and IB, I can say that with him I trurly enjoyed learning. His methods of teaching and his knowledge made life easier.
    Geoachooley is just an example of how supportive Mark Hooley is. From giving support to how to structure your long essay questions to all the syllabus information and topics.
    Highly recommend using this website if you want to boost your confidence when it comes to revising.

  4. I’ve worked with Mark on a number of projects over the years and he is so positive and enthusiastic when it comes to education and geography. Students really warm to him and his passion really helps get the best out of everyone involved.

  5. Had the pleasure of working alongside Mark. His students & he visited India on a voluntary protect. His strong communication skills & listening well caught my attention. I also observed his patience, as it was tested on multiple occasions. Mark treated each student as an individual, was empathetic &understanding. Thank you for collaborating with us & teaching me the nuances of being an educator. Looking forward to more projects with you. Best Wishes.

  6. Having worked with Mark for over a year through the IB DP course, I can honestly
    say that not only in his specalism area of Geography, but as an all-round talented and knowledgeable practioner, Mark makes the learning amd development process for all students and staff a lot simpler, accessible and manageable.
    The development that was made over the year was a testament to Mark’s dedication and attention to the important details that the school and my facilty in particular made great progress. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

  7. An exceptional educator. I had a pleasure of working with mark in Barcelona. He’s a gifted communicator, excellent leader, and one heck of a geography and IB teacher.

  8. I have started working with Geoschooley and have enjoyed the experience so far. I am looking forward to continuing the Geoschooley journey!

  9. I have known Mark for many years and in particular as a teacher at the Oporto British School while I was on the Board of Governors. This initiative clearly demonstrates his willingness to impart his talents for the benefit of his students. I am certain he will succeed in his mission and all those who take up his offer will enjoy this experience. Good luck Mark.

  10. Having worked with Mark in my capacity as an IB consultant, I highly recommend him as a passionate, enthusiastic and inspiring educator. He is a systems thinker, easily able to assimilate new knowledge into his practice. This makes him an excellent teacher, quickly assessing his students’ current abilities and planning for their continued progress. He stands out among educators I have worked with and would be a good choice for any student.

  11. Fantastic session with Mark. Incredibly knowledgeable and helped explain everything precisely. Looking forward to more sessions and to improve my skill set. Thank you once again, Mark!

  12. I worked with Mark for two years. He is very knowledgeable across all Geography curriculums and has excellent experience in teaching within an international context.

  13. Having worked with Mark, I can testify that his passion and enthusiasm for his subject will capture your imagination and drive you on to higher grades.

  14. I have known Mark Hooley professionally for some years now and I can highly recommend him as a first class young teacher with a modern approach to education. If you need Geography top up classes or even organise your entire program of study he would be a good choice. He has shown great adaptability at helping top schools in the crises months.

  15. I used GeoSchooley to study for both my IGCSE and IB exames and it has definitely been an extremely important resource during these years! I truly recommend you to make the most of the resources available and ask Mark for any help at all! He’ll explain you everything without needing to memorize a bunch of stuff!

  16. This man lives and breathes geography. You would be crazy not to use this resource. I have worked with Mark for five years now and he is passionate and dedicated. Sign up and it will go beyond just another online resource.

  17. I met Mark a few years ago on a CAS Coordinator workshop in Berlin. Since then we have been in close contact and organised several Berlin-Porto student exchanges together. He is 100% reliable, passionate, a fantastic teacher and a great guy. If you need help in geography he is the first person you should reach out to.

  18. I met Mark a few years ago on a CAS Coordinator workshop in Berlin. Since then we have been in close contact and organised several Berlin-Porto student exchanges together. He is 100% reliable, a fantastic teacher and a great guy. If you need help in geography he is the first person you should reach out to.

  19. As a former IGCSE student of Mr Hooley I can say he is a passionate teacher who encourages questions and makes you want to learn, not have to learn. I used this website as it was being developed and it is an easy to use good resource. Not any old boring website.

  20. I couldn’t recommend a better geography tutor! Great website, I will definitely be pointing my students in the direction of this

  21. Mark is a passionate educator who gets the best out of his students through his excellent rapport and understanding of individual education needs. Having worked beside Mark for 6 years, I had first hand experience of his dedication and attention to detail as he planned and embedded quality IB and IGCSE lessons. Not only is Mark a fantastic teacher, but also a professional who seeks to support colleagues in their educational journey. As a primary teacher, and trying to embed Geography as a key subject in KS2, Mark was able to discuss and present resources that could support my practice. He always strives to engage in educational dialogue and has attended numerous professional development course that seek to extend his understanding, not only in Geography, but across the subjects. This is a resource I will continue to use and know that others will find it as valuable as I have.

  22. Mark Hooley was covering my maternity leave and he did an excellent job as a DP Coordinator, EE Coordinator, CAS Coordinator and TOK teacher. I highly recommend him as an excellent teacher and a mentor who gets the best out of his students through caring, open-minded and highly supportive attitude. Mark is a great professional and team worker, and he actively supports his colleagues. I love the website Mark!

  23. What makes Mr Hooley’s teaching unique is the way he transmits his passion to us. In my IGCSE years, Geography was taught to me in diverse manners always very innovatively and fun: through musics, games, exercises, challenges etc; always immensely contributing to my knowledge!

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